Ezel 31 English subtitle ( Eysan – Ezel scene)


this is one of the most important master scene in the Series Episode 1 [Part 1] -Arabic » href= »http://marocvie.com/nour-turkish-series-episode-1-part-1-arabic/ »>series …consider it turning point once more for Eysan …ezel break her into parts and i think she failed to collect it up till now ….wait for important master scene between two of them in the rest of the episode in one liknk: www.facebook.com
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  1. annoulaVampiroula dit :

    Guys let me tell you something!!maybe ezel seems a little cruel but eysan deserves it!!If i were in Ezel’s place,I would propably kill her!!!She took from him everything,she stole his life from inside his hands,she put him in jail for something he didn’t do!!This is very unfair for him!!!and if you noticed a detail,every time when ezel does something bad to cengiz (e.g when cengiz was in jail,ezel was crying)he is very sensitive even though he takes his revenge!! ;)

  2. NOMERCYHERE dit :

    40 episodes left for the final

  3. realmusicfan1805 dit :

    Now this is a hell of a serial.I looooooooooooove it. Greetings from Albania.

  4. 8nanagirl8 dit :

    god Ezel cruel

  5. EgyTurk002 dit :

    ezel break her and got broken too ….love like war required us …it is not a choice it is a fate ….u run from it bur you will find it all the way infront of you …eysan love omer …and fall in love with ezel she is so much in love ..she loved him more than he loved her …you will know how much in advanced episodes

  6. soccerlover4252 dit :

    omg ezel is so mean but she deserves it .all that and yet hes still in love with her

  7. julymoonnight dit :

    thank u for this…loved it!

  8. fanofmussic dit :

    they have so much chemistry together.it’s crazy
    love eysan and ezel <3

  9. EgyTurk002 dit :

    @smileycabu all together not yet still shooting ..we r watching episode 50 this week ..we do not know how much episode it will end with ..

    if you r ezel fan you can join : Ezel season 2 group @ facebook or Ezel- ايزل page for daily news and coverage

  10. smileycabu dit :

    oh…thank you.., and do you know how many episodes it has ???

    Alltogether ???

  11. EgyTurk002 dit :


  12. smileycabu dit :

    is this the final episode ??


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