Fatmagulun Suçu Ne Episode 60 (English Subtiles)


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  1. Ktinasti dit :

    It’s rediculous !!! If MUSTAFA has nothing to lose anymore THEN he should KILL the yasarans NOT KERIM !!
    WTF Maaan u’r handsome but U SUUCK

  2. mahrounehalways dit :

    wish i kill moukaddes ,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. milgovetter dit :

    With his hair Karim looks like the muphasa or Simba from the Lion King hahaha

  4. souhir29 dit :

    i wish i could touch kerim’s hair ;-(((

  5. jessejdb dit :

    kerim is like a baby…when fatma was about to leave him :D 

  6. smymjm dit :

    how quickly Selim grew a mustache and beard after he had a clean shave a day before???

  7. smymjm dit :

    I cringe when I see Kadir and Meryem love up scenes

  8. luna noun dit :

    wish we could have a dimensional gate in our screens so we can bruch karem’s hair too  lol

  9. smath82 dit :

    Please some one give a chap stick to Reşat Yaşaran! I hate his parched lips!

  10. TheLittleangel1972 dit :

    Hahahaha, don’t you agree?

  11. TheSunflowerTulip dit :

    OMG you r really into that ha LOL< what a teenage LOL

  12. TheLittleangel1972 dit :

    At last she touched his hair, I’m sure lots of girls would love to do it, Hahahahahaha

  13. ZanoWanka dit :

    I feel sorry for Resat!

  14. starr95100 dit :

    @yasminekhaled2005 I’m glad to have you helped :D 

  15. yasminekhaled2005 dit :

    Thank u soo much .. U were right about the browser , i changed it to mozzila and its working fine … Thanx for the help

  16. starr95100 dit :

    @yasminekhaled2005 Sorry I do not know what answer you you’re the only person who has this problem yet. I just check and it works well on my side. test switch browsers for example if you are using Internet Explorer, test with Mozzilla or Google Chrome

  17. yasminekhaled2005 dit :

    Thank you for the reply but the cc icon doesnt appear only the button of HQ that can be seen on my screen and can be pressed

  18. starr95100 dit :

    you need to click the CC button on the bottom of the player, when the subtitles are activated, the CC button is red

  19. yasminekhaled2005 dit :

    The subtitles are not appearing what can i doooo ?


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