Samsung Wave 723 Review


PhoneArena reviews the Samsung Wave 723. Samsung Wave 723 is the fourth bada phone announced (after the lowly Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro), and it is already coming to market. Now we have our own unit here to examine how bada feels without all the hardware bells and whistles of the original Wave… For more details, check out our full review:
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. mzeke001 dit :

    Boss does it have:
    * RADIO (FM) ?????

  2. SkinnyJeans4MeBabe dit :

    this phone sucks asshole. but great review. found some more stuff about it…but this phone stinks honestly..-_-

  3. DEKIKK dit :


  4. teobaldaa dit :

    Samsung S7230E Wave 723como bajo transfiero mis de fotografías

  5. wodka450 dit :

    i had to force mine on lol

  6. 96Chrus dit :

    i have the same problem… it is pissing me off!!!!

  7. rachanae1 dit :

    Lol you know you can just take the cover off and use a pocket instead

  8. SuperTiChris dit :

    You have steal my HANDY !!!!

  9. mybioscoop dit :

    Hey, PUK code comes with your SIM card purchase, either in the invoice kind of paper or in the package.

  10. badkid562 dit :

    were do they sell this fones at and what mobile carriers have this phone ?????????????????please answer my question

  11. samkic19966 dit :

    Hey i kinda messed up and it ask me for PUK code how i get it i got this Phone from my dad please help

  12. Prytex11 dit :

    i live in portugal, i bought the phone, im very happy, its great. The price was just 79.90€ because its on sales (saldos im not sure how to say? promotion?)

  13. gentiankuqica dit :

    In which country do you live?

  14. Prytex11 dit :

    looks pretty hot, its 80 euros in my country i think im gonna buy it

  15. bartsimpsonchile dit :

    Is this phone better than the Samsung S8500 wave?

  16. qw3rty05 dit :

    which is better nokia c6 or samsung wave s7233?????

  17. qw3rty05 dit :

    which is better nokia c6 or samsung wave s7233?????

  18. rachanae1 dit :

    please teach how to remove the cover im having difficulties

  19. MAXS0ES dit :

    ehm bada 2.0 isn’t released yet for 723? it has 1.1

  20. sri303 dit :

    Why do u hate this phone? This phone has bada 2.0 I use this phone. It is very user friendly. I use 16 gb memory in this phone.

  21. sri303 dit :

    I used Samsung Wave 723 here in Oman. From where should I get the software cd for this phone as when I bought the shop authorities told me to download from net. Help me any one.

  22. MAXS0ES dit :

    i hate this phone plz dont buy bada 1.1 sucks maybe if 2.0 came out its cool but now no dont buy

  23. jens76852 dit :

    @tinyviewer84 for me its not, try BlackBerry Curve 8520 its really good

  24. erwillrockn dit :

    you dont need 2 hands to flip it open! you can literely flip it open with one hand while beating your meat with the other one

  25. conokane1234 dit :

    do not get this phone, as it is just an updated version of the tocco lite


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