Spongebob the Movie PC Game Chapter 1 Love Thy Neighbor


Me playing spongebob the movie for PC. We start out in Spongebob’s neighborhood, where spongebob gets ready for the krusty krab 2 opening
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  1. a1022man dit :

    You can just put the movie in the pc I think

  2. a1022man dit :

    This game was fun but when I went to his work it would exit the game

  3. ThePYT1991 dit :

    I miss this game so much, stupid computer started breaking down though.

  4. TheFuse5gamer dit :

    Did you crack it or buy it?
    If you crack it,then tell me the link to the crack.

  5. kaneshaburnside dit :


  6. gigafideremix1 dit :

    The krabby patty car game is Creature of the krusty krab for wii

  7. gigafideremix1 dit :

    TWO words: Musical DOODLE!

  8. gigafideremix1 dit :

    Cool Vid man keep it up

  9. Errorproneforever dit :

    I totally remember this game! I remember I was so stumped on how to get the toothpaste! Lol

  10. The493Arceus dit :

    were you ride in a Krabby Patty I like that game but I can’t find it anymore please REPLY

  11. gamerloveer224 dit :

    Patrick has to get up to change the station but SpongeBob could just turn the TV off without a remote

  12. 4527CRIS dit :

    como jogo este jogo online sem tenque fazer um download

  13. FarelPictures dit :

    can you tell me where to play this game online?????

  14. norbert gyuroczki dit :


  15. newkarloftheday1230 dit :

    adoption023tdicool How To Download That Game? Please You Type The Link Please.

  16. adoption023tdicool dit :

    hello everyone!
    Sorry I haven’t posted any videos in a while…
    I have to get my main computer fixed a little
    but then I will try to upload more regularly
    Thanks for your patience

  17. EknineEd1385 dit :

    « its a spatula! its quite useful for flipping krabby patties! »
    *uses it to open treasure chest*

  18. bubblegumgirl468 dit :

    I’m ready! responsibility!

  19. SindyLoksz dit :

    they should make a real episode of this. this is really funny ^.^

  20. andelcrepulja dit :

    its a laughing worm

  21. andelcrepulja dit :

    you can get on amazon

  22. Shadowman928928 dit :

    Then they made the game for consles which seemed alot harder

  23. zac lee dit :

    i still play this since i was 8 now im 18

  24. maxgold5000 dit :


  25. ouwens1000 dit :

    WTF whats pops out the thing in the kitchen its shaped like a penis


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